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I have had lidocane infusions, I got 4 days of relief on the 2cond and 3rd one once it wears off though the pain feels worse. I hurt myself at work, neck, shoulder,back and abdomen, my pain management doctor is trying to get me more approved. I have nerves that are all wrapped up with scar tissue/ Adhesion's I wish I could get them every week then I might not have to take meds so often. Don't be hard on yourself if you need pain meds, I do the same thing to myself, but I know I cant do with out them right now maybe one day our prayers will be answered                                                                                                                      Debbie B

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Okay - so if my 13th year - just had another lap done for adhesions constricting around my intestines under right breast - have tried the years of pain meds - actually my memory is vague - it seems I can't even remember those 4-5 years due to a lot of sleeping from the meds - since the lap surgery I seem to be worse and am desperate to take someting - any suggestions on medications and has anyone had lidocane infusions - how about nerve block - am open to any suggestions Thanks.....

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