I need emotional support!

From: Eileen Rivera (satintigerpr@hotmail.com)
Mon Aug 24 08:41:20 2009

Hello to all ARD friends: I have been an ARD sufferer for many, many years with 15 surgeries. I have posted here mamy years ago. Once a beautiful friend here helped me through tough times, when I was with lots of pain and emotional break downs due to feeling lonely with this horrible condition. I live in Puerto Rico and here no one knows about ARD. Now, again, I'm in a lot of pain, no one to talk to and explain my frustration and agony. I don't want another surgery, my last one was a year ago. My stomach, belly button and intestines were all stuck together, each organ out of their original abdominal area. I'm disable, can't work due to adhesions. I would like to know if there is someone in Puerto Rico or close that I can email to. My email address is satintigerpr@hotmail.com. That nice friend that helped me is from a close island but can't remember her name. She would call me at my home and that felt so good to know someone cared and understood me. I would love to contact her again and know how she's doing. To all my ARD sufferer friends I know how you feel. God bless you all and hope all of you receive the best care and be pain free for ever. Eileen Rivera

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