intestinal adhesions

From: Cecelia Jackson (
Mon Aug 24 08:41:35 2009

I need a doctor in houston texas that deals extensively with patients suffering from intestinal adhesions. I have had several surgeries since being diagnoised in 1988, the last one in 2004. After all these years, I'm stilled having trouble trying to make doctors understand how this disease makes me feel. I'm so tired of having to convince them that I am in pain every day of my life from this. I went to see a new doctor this week that my endocronologist refered me to. He had a ct w/contrast done and blood test. I explained to him early on that ct scan's, mri's or any other x-ray's have never detected the adhesions. After viewing the results, he explained to me that adhesions do not cause pain (I knew then I wouldn't be going back to him), and he wouldn't be able to just do surgery without any evidence on the ct. I told him I WAS in pain and something was going to have to be done so I can have some relief. Now he wants me to have some type of gastgro workup to see why I'm having difficulity keeping my food down.

The doctor that discovered my problem in 1988 is just tired of treating me I feel. He has started suggesting pain management, which I have done before with no relief. He stated that I need to find a doctor that would remove the adhesions and do a tummy tuck at the same time. My stomach has some scars of course, but the surgery in 2004 really did it. After removing the adhesions by laproscope (which he had never done--incisions were made in the previous surgeries), I was very ill and had to stay in the hospital 2 weeks, ( there was no movement in my bowel), they started discussing surgery again, but I got very depressed and after finally having a bm and eating a little, I was allowed to go home for a weekend visit. However, I stayed home until after Thanksgiving. I was able to eat very little and could not keep that down. I finally ended up in the ER. They did an x-ray and discovered I had an obstruction. I was admitted. My old doctor had to call in another surgeon. He removed the obstruction two days later and I ended up in ICU for 3 Days, afterwhich another 2 wk hospital stay. A horrific scar was left due to this surgery. So my stomach basically looks awful. Having to look at my disfigured stomach every day and living with the pain right now is overwhelming. Help!

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