adhesions - request for Dr. referral (MI)

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Dr. Dodds out of Providence Hospital (Farmington Hills) and Dr. Advincula out of U of M Hospital (Ann Arbor) have been my life savers.  I had my 14th or 15th surgery last Friday at U of M. Previously, I was dealing with adenomyosis, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, etc. which only lead to Severe Pelvic Adhesive Disease.  Both Dr. Dodds and Dr. Advincula specialize in pelvic disorders.  Unfortunately, Dr. Advincula is leaving U of M Hospital and going to a facility in Florida.  But, his staff who will be taking over for him at U of M is equally compassionate and understanding of this condition. 

I have been referred from physician to physician, G.I's, endoscopies, colonoscopies, pain management, holistic, etc.....but, it always comes back to the same thing.  Either Dr. Dodds or Dr. Advincula does agree to a look inside, and they always find severe pelvic adhesions (even after application of SepraFilm less than 2 years ago)...primarily bowel and intestinal obstructions. (I was vomitting at least 5 times daily....again).

Please consider both these referrals...I have seen many doctors and been to many hospitals over the years....both of these physicians truly saved my life...physically, emotionally and psychologically.

Sincerely, Susan

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Hello I live in Michigan & I need help ! 20 years ago I had some adhesions removed & now they are back and they are causing all kinds of problems! I have been out of work since Feb.  I have seen so many Dr's it is not funny & they have ran so many tests I can't count them.  Two Dr's have said they are adhesions but we can't help you.  Is there anyone who knows of someone who can? Thank you

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