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>Look up surgeon Dr. Abdelkadar Hawasli.  His office is in St. Clair Shores
>and he works out of St. John Hospital in Detroit.  Dr. H. pioneered the
>laparascopic removal of gall bladder and is considered by some to be the
>guru of laparascopy (not sure if I'm spelling it right).  A surgeon out of
>Beaumont referred me to him.  I have had about 25 abdominal surgeries and
>Dr. H has done the last 3.  You may have to wait for an appointment with
>him, but he is worth the wait.  He specializes in bariatric surgery and I
>belive is the head of surgery at St. John Hospita.  If you need more
>information, email me back.
>Good Luck!

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>Subject: adhesions - request for Dr. referral (MI)
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>Subject: adhesions
>Hello I live in Michigan & I need help !
>20 years ago I had some adhesions removed & now they are back and they
>are causing all kinds of problems! I have been out of work since Feb.  I
>have seen so many Dr's it is not funny & they have ran so many tests I
>can't count them.  Two Dr's have said they are adhesions but we can't
>help you.  Is there anyone who knows of someone who can? Thank you


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