Abdominal adhesions and swelling

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How long have you been dealing with swelling? Exactly where is the swelling? I have Gastroparesis, I swell up and at times I look about 6 months  pregnant. The last time it was really BAD, I tried the new Blueberry squares cereal. Within 1/2 hour I was so huge! Couldn't button, or zip my pants closed, my shirt was sucked in and stuck like glue, very attractive! The only place I had to go was to see my hair stylist for a haircut. I just tied a sweatshirt above my belly and went. She could not believe what she saw. Then on top of it nausea, and the pain of my skin being stretched out. I read an article about adhesions in the paper, the doctor said that " when a band of adhesions wraps around the intestine, it can obstruct the passage of undigested food. The part of the intestine laying before the obstruction becomes distended with fluid and partially digested food. That’s the cause of crampy abdominal pain and vomiting." I thought that part was pretty interesting, but he goes on to talk about "obstructions make bowel movements and gas passage impossible. The intestine can become so distended that its blood supply is cut off and it can rupture. Prior surgery is the chief cause of adhesions, but.. not the only cause. Infections within the abdominal cavity can also cause them and so can abdominal radiation." This doctor that wrote all of this is  Dr. Donohue, Orlando, Fl. 32853-6475. He also said that the "abdominal organs ( including the large and small intestine ) don't like being pushed around. No matter how careful the surgeon is when he/she enters the abdomen, its inevitable that moving structures, to expose the trouble spot gives rise to deposits of sticky protein called Fibrin. Fibrin, in turn, invites the laying down of collagen, another protein, the stuff of which scars are made. Strands of collagen form thick bands that bind adjacent organs, or encircle the intestines. Those scar like bands are adhesions". Now that I have given you a lesson in adhesions LOL!! I don't know what causes the pain in your ribs. Have you ever seen your doctor when you have been in this much horrible pain and swelling? I wish I could help. I really wanted to pass on this info about adhesions from the doctor. You take care. Cheryl D.

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I'm curious as to what causes the swelling.  I've been scouring the net and have not found solid information as to WHY or WHAT exactly causes the immense swelling.  Every "attack" I have, I'm swelled up so greatly that I can not take in deep breaths, and my ribs are in so much pain.



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