Re: Men get adhesions also

From: Rob (
Wed Aug 12 18:54:54 2009

At Tue, 11 Aug 2009, Kent wrote: >

Hello Ken,

You are absolutely correct. I have been a sufferer of adhesions since 3 months of age.. Born with a duplicate bowel that strangulated my working bowel in which needed surgery.. 4 bowel surgeries later and most recently a hernia surgery that went south due to adhesions pinching a nerve.. I am 41 and a mess... I come to this site all the time to read up and just to feel better about life... That I am not alone.... Many men just don't know much about adhesions or have little surgery on there gut areas.. Keep vigilant my friend and keep visiting in here..

Just an FYI- they were supposed to add a men's section on the site a year ago but that never happened...

>I am a little surprised there is more men posting on this forum. Many
>men have hernia operations and the like and left with adhesions. This
>is what I am dealing with now.

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