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Sun Aug 2 18:44:09 2009

At Thu, 30 Jul 2009, Kristie wrote: > Hi Kristie! A lap is invasive as they do make incisions in order to
preform it. I had surgery in March to have adhesions removed. They removed an ovarian cyst during that surgery and said I had to have another surgery to have my ovary out. i felt good for about 3 weeks after the March surgery. Then, I ended up back in the ER witht he same old pain. I had surgery again in May to have my ovary removed. They also removed my gallbladder. The adhesions had returned, so they removed them again. I felt pretty good for about 3-4 weeks, and then the pain was back with a vengeance.. I would caution you against another surgery based on my own experience. I am worse after the 2 surgeries. >This new OB I am going to wants to do a lap on me. She says it isn't
>invasive, and wouldn't make new scar tissue. She just wants to see what
>is going on in there.
>Can you guys give me some advice? I am so much better than some of you,
>but my quality of life, is not what I want.
>Is it a NO NO to do a lap?
>At Mon, 27 Jul 2009, Kristie wrote:
>>At Sat, 25 Jul 2009, IAS Admin wrote:
>>>ANYONE..........who is up on this more than I, I do need help. I can't go
>>to the bathroom or eat with out having problems......and I feel like I am
>>passing a bowling ball out of my Vajay jay........all the time.
>>I'd like to hear from recent surgery patients.
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>>>Marlene Wheeler
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>>>You probably should be seeing a doctor that specializes in dealing with
>>>adhesions. There are several out there . Mine is Clark Gerhart who is in
>>>Pennsylvania, Very good Doc, I would recommend him to anyone. Also there
>>>docs in Florida and Ohio that I'm aware of. Good luck. It sounds like
your >>>going though a lot of back to back surgeries..You need someone who is up
>>>the barriers that are out there for adhesions.
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>>>> Subject: Adhesions
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>>>> Subject: Adhesions
>>>> I am 38 and I had been having periods every 2 weeks for 2+ years. I
>>>> traveled far to seek help and in the end after trying everything to
stop >>>> this pain I had a total abdominal hysteretomy ovarys removed Feb 09
>>>> biopsy said endometriosis and adenomyiosis, Laproscopy Jan. 09, and I
>>>> just had a Laparoscopy just about 2 weeks ago. During my first lap my
>>>> Dr found adhesions and decided to remove them. After my hysterectomy
>>>> which was a month before my lap there were more adhesions! He didnt
>>>> remove them at that time. I had a hard recovery after my hysteretomy. I
>>>> went back in at my 6 week check up still having pain on my lower right
>>>> side and left side. He said there was nothing more he could do so after
>>>> a couple months I started looking for another Dr that specialized in
>>>> endo since mine cant bee visibly seen. thats when he did the lap on me
>>>> and removed more adhesions. I wont know the results from the biopsy
>>>> till I go back in for a check up post op. I still feel like I have
>>>> adhesions. I think they are growing back again cause the pain is still
>>>> the same. I also have tail bone pain and it doesnt stop. I have had 2
>>>> MRI's the last one was a month ago and they did a complete mri of my
>>>> entire back and everything came back unremarkable. has anyone had the
>>>> lower back pain(tail bone area) along with adhesions? How fast can
>>>> adhesions grow? Is there anything I can do to reduce them from growing
>>>> so fast? I am trying to get back to work again but these adhesions keep
>>>> pulling and when I move, stand up, bend over or put any pressure on my
>>>> stomach it hurts so bad! Please..any help or advice would be great. I'm
>>>> at my wits end. is there a certain Dr I should be going to? what
>>>> specialist should I be seeing?..thank you all

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