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Hi Dr Clark Gerhart is my Doctor in the Wilks-barrie Scranton area of Pennsylvania. On of the biggest differences is that he deals with Adhesion patients all the time, and is trained and up on the new barriers that are used.. Success rate( I would check with him, but I think it's in the 75% range. Not 100 sure on that, but I know it's at least 70.  I would have to say I'm doing so much better(had to have two surgery's 6mo appart) But it's been since Nov 06..No other adhesions surgery since then. As far as  your insurance. You'd have to talk to them. I went and stayed with family. Insurance  payed for all the medical ie hosp Dr Surgery. I payed for  trip there. And staying in a hotel close to the hospital for a while.  go to for more info

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> Subject: Doc info
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> Subject: Doc info
> I have had a very rough time lately with my pain. I come in and out of
> the ARD board to read things but I have to be honest, I don't come in
> here often.
> However, I am getting older now and I guess I am being less tolerant
> about my pain. It seems to be almost constant lately. It's effecting
> every part of my life.
> What I am looking for is information about these doctor's in Florida and
> Penn.
> What do they do that is different, and what is there success rate? How
> would I get my insurance to pay for the visits?
> Any information, I would be so grateful for.
> Thanks
> Kristie

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