Fed up with Doctors

From: Cheryl (HerbCheryl1@msn.com)
Wed Jul 15 19:12:35 2009

I wrote last week about my Drs. office not returning my call when I called in last Wed. I was fortunate that my Gastro's office did. Now just waiting for results. My family Doc called me back yesterday A.M.(Mon.) Asked what was going on. I am sooo frustrated that he says, "You know we just don't know what's wrong with you" That discourages me so much and makes me feel like he thinks I am making all of this up and I am a liar. I am finally getting off the stick to find another family Doc. I want someone who believes in me, cares about me, my health and well being. With each episode my pain increases more and more, even my nausea his increased. I feel the only people that believe in me are my Husband, sons, friends (some of them) and some family. The only people that really see me go through an full blown episode understand. Then of course all of you on this website that write back and offer advice, kindness and caring we are all in the same boat. I do more and more understand the need to commit suicide, that really scares me. Just relief from pain would be heaven and I know many agree, just not the suicide part. It does cross my mind, but I wouldn't hurt my Husband and boys that way. I know that they need me. I like many of you just don't want to go there anymore. We are sick and tired of pain meds that don't touch our pain, doubling over, sharp stabbing pains, laying with the heating pad 24/7. missing engagements, heck missing life. I am not feeling sorry for myself today, just so frustrated. Thanks for listening to me go off. I am so emotional, nauseous, in pain, angry etc. When will someone be able to give us answers and help us besides in another country. The one gal that wrote about seeing a doc 10 years ago, and he took care of her adhesions, and now she is wanting to see him again, and he wants 10 grand up front? I think that I would report him. Here she is asking for help, and he is just taking advantage of her situation. That's just not right. Take care everyone. Cheryl D.

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