Nerve Damage

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I have had the worst pain ever right after having a hernia repair,all the nerves in my groin were damaged. My PM doctor has suggested lidocane infusions she said it would possibly help with all my nerve pain I am going today so I will let you know how good it works.                                                                                                  Debbie Baranes

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So, I've been through a laporotomy for dence abdominal adhesions which were obstructing my bowel, I had a barrier spray and now, 13 weeks on I am still in agony! Saw my GP and she thinks I have iliolinguinual nerve damage - gotta say it is really, really painful - continual - sit too long, stand too long, lie flat too long - I just cant bare it! I am off to see a pain consultant see if he can help. Anyone been through the same thing? I am so disappointed - I thought this final opp would be the end to my 8 year pain but now the pain from this nerve is almost worse than the pain from the Adhesions! I am soooo upset. Any ideas? Ann-Marie   

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