Re: Adhesions & Pain (Celiac Plexus Nerve Block)

From: Kris (
Fri Jun 26 21:59:21 2009

At Wed, 17 Jun 2009, lindahalford wrote: >Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I will definitely be asking
questions about the issues you experienced. >Kris,
>You may want to consider giving the Spinal Cord Stimulator a trial before
>having the morphine pump implanted. I exhausted the highest dose of
>morphine in combination with several other drugs. I finally got tired of
>the lump on my waistline and becoming immune to everything the doctor
tried. >
>Sometimes the pump wasn't working (malfunction) and I would go into
>withdrawal until I got in to get it checked. When the meds worked, I felt
>good but it definitely made me sleepy. Also, the pump sets off security
>alarms and of course, they pull you aside and give you a thorough check.
>You sometimes have to go in several times a week to get the dosage
>regulated. They would give me what's called a "bolus" which is an extra
>boost of pain med. My pain specialist waived the co-pay to the minimum
>amount allowable; otherwise, I couldn't have afforded it. I don't mean to
>cause you concern but this is information a doctor tends to forget to
>explain...or not?
>Good luck and whatever you decide, I pray it will work and you'll have some
>time without pain.
>Linda, Jax, FL

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>> 11 Jun 2009, IAS Admin wrote:
>>> Hi Cheryl! It's good to hear from you again! I know exactly what you
mean >> about pain being worse after gall bladder surgery. I'm in the hospital
>> right
>> now and have been since Wed. night. I was also in the ER on Monday night.
>> I
>> am so fortunate to have doctors who understand adhesions. I'm now @ the U
>> of
>> M. Everyone at the ER to the hospital is wonderful. One nurse even
>> admonished me for waiting so long to come in because it takes so long to
>> get
>> the pain under control! I do also have a condition called pancreas
>> divisum,
>> which means that I have 2 pancreatic ducts instead of 1 by congenital
>> birth
>> defect. This can cause excrutiating pain as well as a condition called
>> Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction. I'm waiting now to have a test call and
>> which will be able to do the analysis on the common bile duct and the
>> pancreatic ducts. My Dr. thinks is probably a combination of adhesions
and >> this other condition. I guess I'll know soon, after all this time! Have
>> you
>> heard of adhesions being visible on a CT scan? The ER dr the other night
>> said they could see where some had returned since the surgery on May 4th.
>> Anyway, I guess the only way to treat this stuff is to manage the
>> symptoms.
>> I do go to a great pain management clinic. I'm going to discuss having a
>> pain pump implanted. I asked them about it a month ago when I was there
>> and
>> they agreed that I would be a candidate. I hope you're having a pain
>> tolerant day! I'll let you know how things turn out.

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