Radiation for Bladder Cancer caused my mother's adhesions

From: Wayne (weetam628@aol.com)
Fri Jun 26 22:00:12 2009

My mother had radiation for bladder cancer 2 years ago. We were told of all the possible side-effects except this one. She has been cancer free for 2 years, but now she (we) have this problem. The first time it happened she was in pain and throwing up a great deal, she couldn't even keep liquids down. I took her to the ER and they put a GN tube in her. The blockage cleared. 6 weeks later she was throwing up again. I took her to the ER. It was a very small blockage, so they just kept her for observation. Sent her home the next day. Now she's afraid to eat. Her doctor told her to follow a low fiber diet for a week. Is that long enough? He also told her she would have to live with it. What foods should she avoid? I cannot believe that we were not informed about this side-effect because if we were we could have weighed our options.

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