Re: Adhesions & Pain (Celiac Plexus Nerve Block)

From: Kris (
Sun Jun 14 20:03:53 2009

11 Jun 2009, IAS Admin wrote: > Hi Cheryl! It's good to hear from you again! I know exactly what you mean
about pain being worse after gall bladder surgery. I'm in the hospital right now and have been since Wed. night. I was also in the ER on Monday night. I am so fortunate to have doctors who understand adhesions. I'm now @ the U of M. Everyone at the ER to the hospital is wonderful. One nurse even admonished me for waiting so long to come in because it takes so long to get the pain under control! I do also have a condition called pancreas divisum, which means that I have 2 pancreatic ducts instead of 1 by congenital birth defect. This can cause excrutiating pain as well as a condition called Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction. I'm waiting now to have a test call and MRCP which will be able to do the analysis on the common bile duct and the pancreatic ducts. My Dr. thinks is probably a combination of adhesions and this other condition. I guess I'll know soon, after all this time! Have you heard of adhesions being visible on a CT scan? The ER dr the other night said they could see where some had returned since the surgery on May 4th. Anyway, I guess the only way to treat this stuff is to manage the symptoms. I do go to a great pain management clinic. I'm going to discuss having a pain pump implanted. I asked them about it a month ago when I was there and they agreed that I would be a candidate. I hope you're having a pain tolerant day! I'll let you know how things turn out.

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>Hi Kris, Thanks for the info about the Celious Plexis Block. Sorry to hear
>it didn't do the trick for you. I know about your surgeries, but wasn't
>aware that your Gallbladder had also been removed. Since mine was removed
>back in 2007, my pain got much worse, and has really intensified in that
>area. It is very scary, it makes me wonder what's next? or is it really
>adhesions. I never really had much pain on my right side except ovary pain
>when I had a cyst rupture, and bled into the ovary. I know that 2 weeks
>wasn't very long for pain relief, plus you were more than likely still very
>sore from your surgeries. I'm sorry that you have been through so much in
>just a few short months. Just not fair! The last time I went to the E.R.
>adhesion pain, I sat there for 3-1/2 hours. I went up to the counter and
>said that my pain was so excruciating, that I was leaving to go home. I
>could no longer sit on those hard uncomfortable chairs. I came home went
>through the same routine, and saw my family Doc the next day.
>I am tired of having to be tough, and deal with this pain. When I am around
>family, or friends that I don't see often, I actually get embarrassed when
>my pain is so intense, and I am doubling over. My Aunt that is 84 said on
>the phone last night, "you better take it easy" you don't want your Dad to
>see you ill when he comes up to visit in July. As if I can turn it off.
>People just do not get it and that frustrates me more than anything else.
>You take care, rest and if you have to bite the bullet and go in to the
>then Do IT!! maybe they will all get so sick of us, they will try to help
>solve our illness with A.R.D. Sometimes all I want to do is sit and cry,
>whine, and feel sorry for myself. It is so childish but it helps cleanse my
>soul to turn around and try to be strong again. Take care everyone. I enjoy
>all of our conversations very much. Cheryl D.

>>>----- Original Message ----- >From: IAS Admin (Tracy) To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS >Sent: Tuesday, June 09, 2009 4:00 PM >Subject: Adhesions & Pain (Celiac Plexus Nerve Block) >From: (Kris) >Subject: Re: Adhesions & Pain (Celiac Plexus Nerve Block) > >At Thu, 4 Jun 2009, IAS Admin  wrote: >>Hi! It's Kris in MN. I had a Celiac lexus Nerve Block about 3 months ago. >It kinda helped for about 3 days. Everyone is different, though, and it may >be helful for you. I had adhesions removed in March. During that surgery, >they found a large, right sided ovarian cyst. The cyst was removed. My ovary >needed to come out as well, but they didn't have signed consent. I had >surgery again on the 4th of May to have the ovary and my gall bladder >removed. The gall bladder was because I continued to have the same kind of >pain after the March surgery. THe adhesions hd returned. They removed them >again. Most of them were in the area of my gall bladder. That's the area of >my worst pain. I had about a 2 week break from pain, but now it's back worse >than ever. I've been fighting going to the ER all weekend, but am going to >give up the battle. You guys know how tough it is. Hang in there, all! >>

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