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Sun Jun 14 20:02:52 2009

I guess we all know the reason it takes so long for those of us who REALLY NEED disability benefits...The government bureaucracy will fight you all the

way. It's a good thing you have an attorney helping you because this would certainly wear any of us down to the bone...We can't handle all the stress!

Good luck!

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> Susie, I have been on SSD since Feb. 2008 is when I received my 1st check.

> I
> just kept trying to return to work. The 1st time I quit was in Aug. 2004.
> Had my surgeries in Germany in 04/2005, returned back to work, just a
> different position, still was with the State. I fought it all again for
> 1-1/2 years, was on FMLA again, and finally quit my job again in June
> 2007.
> I did not receive back pay because I continued to work, and kept trying. I
> just had it one day. My boss was a witch, pain was unreal, and was in such
> bad shape, I couldn't work anymore. My attorney asked me to see if my old
> boss would fill out a paper stating how much work I had missed, and how
> often I had to go back home once I had arrived. She didn't do it, but I
> didn't need her either. The SSD Judge went by all of my health problems,
> Adhesions, I.B.S. Gastroparesis, depression, and 11 abdominal surgeries. I
> found my award letter the other day, and so far I only have SSD for 3
> years
> and then am re-evaluated. I keep putting off Doc. Appt's. because I still
> don't have ins. Sometimes I just get so stressed out because I need to be
> seen. The first time I applied for SSD, I was denied, and it took 3 years
> in
> total to be seen. Good luck! Cheryl D.
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> Subject: Adhesions and disability
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> Subject: Adhesions and disability
> With a attorney, we have been fighting SSDisability for three years and
> are hopefully going to court this year. Has anyone ever won permanent
> disability? I've had five surgeries and now live on morphine and other
> pain meds. Its so discouraging and I wonder if I'll ever win this
> case... Know that I'm going to live with this for the rest of my life
> too. Have been out of work since 2003
> from pain.

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