Adhesions and disability

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Susie, I have been on SSD since Feb. 2008 is when I received my 1st check. I just kept trying to return to work. The 1st time I quit was in Aug. 2004. Had my surgeries in Germany in 04/2005, returned back to work, just a different position, still was with the State. I fought it all again for 1-1/2 years, was on FMLA again, and finally quit my job again in June 2007. I did not receive back pay because I continued to work, and kept trying. I just had it one day. My boss was a witch, pain was unreal, and was in such bad shape, I couldn't work anymore. My attorney asked me to see if my old boss would fill out a paper stating how much work I had missed, and how often I had to go back home once I had arrived. She didn't do it, but I didn't need her either. The SSD Judge went by all of my health problems, Adhesions, I.B.S. Gastroparesis, depression, and 11 abdominal surgeries. I found my award letter the other day, and so far I only have SSD for 3 years and then am re-evaluated. I keep putting off Doc. Appt's. because I still don't have ins. Sometimes I just get so stressed out because I need to be seen. The first time I applied for SSD, I was denied, and it took 3 years in total to be seen. Good luck! Cheryl D. From: IAS Admin (Tracy) To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS Sent: Tuesday, June 09, 2009 4:07 PM Subject: Adhesions and disability From: (Susie) Subject: Adhesions and disability

With a attorney, we have been fighting SSDisability for three years and are hopefully going to court this year.  Has anyone ever won permanent disability? I've had five surgeries and now live on morphine and other pain meds.  Its so discouraging and I wonder if I'll ever win this case...  Know that I'm going to live with this for the rest of my life too.  Have been out of work since 2003 from pain.

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