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Thu Jun 11 17:20:07 2009

Hi Donna,

I believe I'm at the stage where none of the pain meds seem to be of much help. My doctor prescribed 10/650 Lortab, Neurontin 300 mg. 3 mgs. 3 times a day, and Ambien for sleep. Today was my first day to use these meds and they made my pain worse. I'll ask the doctor about the new Lamictal. Is Lamictal and Oxycodone long acting (40mg) 1x a day plus Oxycodone 30mg 2pills 5x a day controlling your pain? If so, I will ask the

doctor if he will prescribe it for me. .

Take care and God Bless.


I would love to hear from people on this site who have the Spinal Cord Stimulator. I am reluctant to have it implanted since I once had a Morphine

Pump and exhausted all meds. I know the Spinal Cord Stimulator probably won't work and getting it out will probably take an act of congress.

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> Hi Linda,
> I am not using a spinal cord stimulator at all...I have used both
> Neurontin
> and Lyrica without any success - I was on them for about a year each
> (different times) and now the Dr.s are trying Lamictal, which is also in
> the
> same range as Neurontin and Lyrica but supposedly a new level.
> I don't know what it will do but its a new option and I'm all for new
> options.

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