Re: Thinkin' on a Laparotomy - Advice Appreciated

From: Bonnie (
Sat Aug 30 22:26:30 2008

At Mon, 26 May 2008, Christi wrote: >
>Hi Jael,
>I had a laparotomy hysterectomy with removal of any endometriosis they
>could "get to" in 2003. I also had a promise of no more endo. It was
>not true. I had to go to a real specialist in Atlanta to get the endo
>really removed in 2005. Because of the opened up hyster. and depth of
>endo invading pelvic wall, ureters, culdesac, etc. I now have adhesions
>which are very painful.
>Don't listen to your doctor and have your husband read websites on endo
>treatment from Dr. Redwine in OR and Dr. Albee from Atlanta. He will
>change his mind. Even my most serious stage IV endo could be removed by
>laparoscopy. You do not have to be opened up. Only someone not sure of
>themselves needs that much space to do surgery. A real specialist will
>do it laparoscopy.
>Please read their sites before you do anything.

Also please remeber everyone out there having adhesion surgery, either lap or regular way, there is no adhesion barrier available in Canada, or the U.S. that work's at keeping adhesions from not growing and re-attaching and starting the painful process all over again. EVERY SURGERY, MORE ADHESIONS!!!!!! only barrier that work's is SPRAY GEL.Used In Germany. I know, I am a patient pain free, with SPRAY GEL,applied by Dr.Krushinski. THIS IS VERY CRUCIAL, ASK YOUR SURGEON WHAT THEY USE TO PREVENT THEM,FROM COMING BACK IMMEDIATLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bonnie, Calgary,Canada

>At Mon, 5 May 2008, Jael wrote:
>>My name is Jael, I'm 23, married 2 yrs., and was recently diagnosed with
>>stage IV endometriosis. I already had a laparoscopy to offically
>>diagnosis endometriosis, and now my doctor wants to do a laparotomy in
>>order to excise the implants.
>>I don't know if this is being "unrealistic," but... I don't want a
>>laparotomy. I think my doctor is very smart guy: he's an RE in my area,
>>specializing in endometriosis. BUT I feel a laparotomy is too risky.
>>I'm very scared about adhesions. I read that 93% of laparotomys end up
>>with serious surgical adhesions.
>>I don't have plans for kids now, but I do want some youngsters in the
>>future. Endometriosis runs in my family, stage II to IV endometriosis.
>>However, none of my family members have had fertility problems from
>>endometriosis, my great aunt even had twins without the help of an RE.
>>The only reason I'm seeing an RE right now it that I want the
>>endometriosis removed without damaging my reproductive organs (which
>>were all working fine and dandy according to my laparoscopy, so yah!!).
>>Has anyone has a laparotomy for endometriosis? I just don't know... my
>>husband is no help. He just says, "Do what the doctor says, sweetie.
>>He's the expert." Endometriosis isn't good for me, but neither is a
>>pelvic full of surgical adhesions.
>>Any advice or words of wisdom are welcome. Please.

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