Treatment for adhesions / antidepressants anyone?

From: Christine (
Sat Aug 30 22:25:24 2008

This is the second time I am posting this since the first time my post never made it online, maybe I didn't click on send message?? So I am a little frustrated haveing to start all over again I have been diagnosed with chronic pelvic and abdominal pain due to having had Chlamydia, PID and Ovarian cysts & I've had several abdominal surgeries to try to remedy the pain. I had the same cyst on my Ovary twice and Each time they went in to either remove a cyst, look around then finally hysterectomize me, they found adhesions. The last time the cyst was adhered to my bowel so badly the doctor had to take my bowels out of me to get the cyst from my ovary from my bowel. So I have been on pain meds ever since back in sept 08. I still have so much pain still but its a gotten a bit better since the hyster almost 3 years ago. I was on some pretty strong stuff there that was really affecting my weight and I believe the fentynal patch nealy killed me I've never been so sickly skinny in my life so I told my doctor not to give me the fentynol patch nor oxycontin as its too strong for me. So I was taking 12 supeudols a day and slowly I've gotten down to 6 a day. Back in april my fam doc decides to send me to an adictions councelor at a rehab closeby. No way I told her as I am not lying about my pain. And antidepressants is what she really wants me to take. I have recently gone back to work and managed to get a repeat of the last prescrip for supeudols from a colleague of hers and in passing she told me that they treat people like me by sending them to a psychiatrist, and that the pain I feel relates back to my perception of my pain. What I'd like to know is are any of you out there getting the same horrible treatment and if so how are you handling it? Thanks for being here and for

Hi Rachel...My name is Christine.....I am brand new here and this is my very

first post...I felt compelled to write you after reading this post....I have

had 5 major operations on my reproductive organs, the last one (total abdominal hysterectomy)being in September. I am 4 months post op from that and am still taking pain medication 4 to 6 times a day. I totally understand you and can't beleive you are still working.....I am unemployed and plan on staying that way until I get fixed.

ps I had a sceduled appointment to see a Gastro Interologist (my Gyno refferred me to him) but my appointment was cancelled afetr waiting a month because of bad weather here last week. I am so sorry that you are all

alone with this..I will pray for you Rachel ok..I only just found this website and am starting to beleive my doctors when they say that it's probably adhesions ..I also saw a urologist two weeks ago and am waiting for the results back from uirinanalysis and a pyelogram.. My heart goes out to you Rachel and will keep you in my thoughts & prayers Christine

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