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>Adhesion can come after Gallbladder surgery. I had them really bad. Any
good >adhesion Doc should be able to help you!! Where are you?
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Yes, you definatly have adhesions!!!! Especially because of the TUGGING and the Severe STABBING pain. That is total nonsense that adhesions do not cause that much trouble.My god, how can anyone in the medical field say that !!!! If a person has 5 inch width adhesions, growing and growing and strangling organs, is this not a lot of trouble??? Mine were so bad, my bowel was almost completely strangled, had maybe 1/2 inch left that was not strangled yet!! and the pain is unbearable...worse than labor......, and please remember no test's out there will show adhesions, as they are like saran wrap, and blend right in with organ pictures on either MRI or CT Scan, this is why no one can get a diagnosis!!!! as there are no solid based tests out there.But tugging and stabbing is a definate sign!!!For sure.,and know that again there are no barriers available in Canada or US that stops them from growing again.Need to go to Germany,I just returned, and pain free after 6 years of adhesion hell . Bonnie Calgary Canada >> Sender: (brian)
>> Subject: Re: gallbladder adhesions
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>> >Hello all. First time here and I'm finally reading some familiar things.
>> >I don't know if adhesions are my problems but from what I've read here,
>> >it could be. I had my gall bladder out in Dec 2006 and was fine until
>> >Oct 2007. Started having sever stabbing pain in the same area as gall
>> >bladder but it was ten times worse. Ended up on the floor at 3am and
>> >then in an ambulance an at the ER. They said I must have been passing a
>> >hidden gall stone. Stayed over night and the next morning they did an
>> >ERCP. Woke up with sever Pancreatitis and was in the hospital for 2
>> >weeks after. A few weeks later I started having breathing trouble
>> >and some strange feelings in my side right at the site of the gall
>> >bladder. It was like something was hanging, like a weight inside my
>> >stomach. Kinda like tugging. It would come and go and I managed to
>> >work most of January but then it got horribly worse and I have been at
>> >home since Feb 1. I've had Ct scans and xrays and keep getting told
>> >that there's nothing wrong. Yet I can't function! It hurts to breath,
>> >eat, stand up, lie down. I brought up scar tissue but was told that it
>> >wouldn't cause this much trouble. I am really at a point of no return.
>> >Pain pills don't work long and the pain returns. I am at a point where
>> >I feel like taking them all just to make it stop. I mean I really
>> >wouldn't do that but it is getting simply unbearable. Are there
>> >specific doctors that deal with this, because mine isn't willing to do
>> >anything else. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
>> >
>> >Thanks
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