Pelvic adhesions and running

From: kimco (
Sat Aug 30 22:18:30 2008

I've got suspected pelvic adhesions in the area of my left ovary. I'm a runner and my symptoms seem odd - at least to me. I experience some grabbing while running but nothing too much. The serious pain begins after I run, when I try to rest. I get hit hardest while laying on my left side (a 9-10, serious stabbing pain) and hit somewhat hard (a 6-8) when laying on my right side. I'll also experience pain when sitting for a long period of time. Generally I have no pain while laying on my back. Has anyone ever experienced what I can only call delayed onset of severe pain?

Also, I have Percocet as pain medicine but it only makes me sick and wires me out. Ibuprofen doesn't come close to cutting it. Any recommendations for a "kind" pain medication? I've got at least another 4 weeks before surgery.

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