Dr. Redan

From: Rachel (K9PAWS@AOL.COM)
Sat Aug 30 22:13:20 2008

My main concern about another surgery is how long has anyone gone without pain since they saw Dr. Redan? I'm at wits ends here. The unfortunate part of all of this is that we lived in Fl. for almost 14 years (now in Mass. as of the last 3 months) and had never heard of Dr. Redan. I've gone to Shands and Mayo while down there and not one Gastro. ever mentioned him as a possible source of relief. If need be, I'd be willing to move back to Fl.


Hi Kristen, I see that you are from Florida. I too have much the same problem as you have but am a lot older. When you say that you were referred to the Pain Management Clinic in your area may I ask which one that you are referring to? Would one of them be the Wellness Clinic? I was living in Florida for 18 years and just moved back to Massachusetts 3 months ago. We are originally from here. I know that they have great hospitals up this way but I'm not having much luck in finding a Dr. who knows much about our problem. In fact I was thinking about moving back down there as I keep hearing about 2 places in particular who claim to help people. Would you mind letting me know where it is that you went? We've just built a brand new house here and I don't relish the thought of moving again. I'm getting to old for that yet I can't put up with this pain much long. Thank you so much for your post, Rach

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