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>I am actually having an MRI of the brain tomorrow because they think I have
MS also. Even though I was symptomatic before, the brain MRI I had over a year ago was negative, therefore they didn't confirm that diagnosis. Since, I've developed many more symptoms including Optic Nerve damage and peripheral vision loss. >I have had abdominal swelling and back issues for years, so i know what you
go through. I felt just like you are now...never wanted to go out, became very depressed, etc. Then I realized just how fast life was passing me by. So I made a decision; I could sit everyday, feel sorry for myself and choose to waste every moment sad, in pain and alone...or I could do something about it. So, I took baby steps...I started forcing myself to do more things for myself, got into weekly counseling, and eventually worked up enough courage and strength to start my own business. I figured I couldn't fire myself! If I was too sick to work a day, I take off. Its going well so I'm hoping to start getting more physically active so that I feel better about myself. One baby step at a time...I've had endo since 14 yrs old and had my first surgery at 18...that was the start of my adhesion troubles...I've had over 30 more surgeries since then...somedays I think, "what a life"...I never im >agined I would suffer everyday like this. Then I realized I was allowing
myself to do just that. I figure if I choose to enjoy all the good moments and stop lingering on the bad ones, then maybe I will have a good life afterall. >Try to hang in me if you want to talk.

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>> Subject: Adhesions, Swelling, Back/Stomach Pain and Now....
>> Multiple Sclerosis--- I was just diagnosed from the brain MRI...and
>> comparing to several from my past. Seems the lesions have grown and
>> multiplied. Anyone else have this?
>> The swelling in my stomach is horrible. They went to do an MRI of my
>> Stomach and back. I guess adhesions don't show up on MRI's? Or do they?
>> I know when they went in for the last of ..umm.. I think I have had 12
>> surgeries since the Endometreosis reared me unable to have any more
>> children. It was so bad with the last one, they couldn't tell what had
>> been removed in the previous surgeries, because of the adhesions.... But
>> no one will do surgery on the adhesions, because it just makes more, I
>> was told.
>> Then I ended up being diagnosed with a Bladder Disease--interstistial
>> cystitis (not a good name for it, but it is getting out there now).
>> Thank God for Liberator Medical Supply (I don't work for them or
>> anything...they just helped me pee ;) ). They were able to get my size
>> 6 caths..that I could use. No one else would, because they are for
>> children. I even got the ones that were antibactirial (sp?) and that
>> helped with the infections...but then I still can't get the colon to
>> work. I have tried everything, but the pain is horrible!
>> So now I am told that the Multiple Schlerosis is what I must deal with.
>> I also have stuff going on in my spine.
>> I too have anxiety issues, and don't even go to Church anymore. I just
>> don't feel like it. I will go out if my hubby takes me, but not much.
>> He can drive me to the store, or to fill up the car, or to the Doctors,
>> and I will go. I can't stand to drive. My stomach just hurts too much.
>> The muscles hurt too much... I just want to stay in bed all day.
>> And friends? What are those? I have lost all my friends. I honest to
>> goodness haven't seen one friend in over three years to come visit me,
>> because I don't go to them anymore. I guess I was the one visiting
>> before? Who knows. My own son, who is wanting to be a Dr, is 20 and
>> doesn't see me either.
>> Got to go.

I've had surgery on my female organs twice. After the first surgery, I had a gangrenous obstruction caused by adhesions. A foot of my intestines were removed. After six months, I had swelling, back pain and trouble eliminating. I watch my diet carefully. Four years ago, I had a tumor growing off of my right ovary. The tumor was large and attached to my bowel and my bladder. The Surgeon was surprised at the adhesions I had. It took the surgeons two hours to get to the tumor as they had to remove adhesions first. The tumor was benign. I am back suffering more than ever with back pain, swelling and problems with elimination. I know of no one who has adhesions. This is a daily chronic problem and at times it goes from bad to worse. It bothers me to sit for long periods of time. Please e-mail me if anyone is going trough this as its hard to deal with alone. Is there any medication I can take to relieve some of these symptom's?

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