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Some people think that it is only the meds that cause this but I know that the adhesions also cause it.† I took lactulose and got horrible stomach cramps but couldn't go.† Each one of us are different on what works.† My drs. always push fiber.† I have given up telling them that fiber makes me have more pain but not better bowel function. I think the bowels must be pinched or something.

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†have been prescribed cytotec 200mg twice a day.† It has the side effect that helps go potty.† Works for me and when it stops I quit taking it for a month and go back on it.

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I feel for you but unfortunately have no miracle cure.† Itís scary when you canít do what is a basic, necessary function.† I suffer with it continually.† Right now itís 10+ days and pain.† I am taking lactulose twice a day which usually works after a few days.† I got out of sync because of travel and now I donít know what to do.† I have had surgery for adhesions but this lingers much to my dismay. Anyone have ideas on this?


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