Adhesion treatment /antidepressants anyone?

From: Christine (
Sat Aug 30 22:12:10 2008

Hello My name is Christine I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I have had several abdominal (5) and 2 laparoscoppies, operations to try to remedy the pain from having Chlamydia, the developping PID cause Chlamydia has no symptoms, then the ovarian cysts were causing even more pain thus the many surgeries and I am still in pain, I am better than I was right after the hysterectomy (my last operation sept 2005), but almost 3 years later I still need to take pain meds. I am taking much less than I was post op but I still need aprox 6 (2 x 3) 5mg supeudols (same as percoet, pretty much) but back in April my family doc started to treat me like a drug addict in the sense that because I refused to take the fentynol patch (it almost killed me) and also the oxycontins, because they affected my appetite so much I couldn't eat anymore. The supeudols are like oxycontin but also have acetaminafin or something like that in them and they don't affect my appetite. I went down to 100lbs I was skin and bones. Getting back to my family doc, all of a sudden back in April she tries to send me to see an addictions councellor at the nearest rehab center here in town. I am already in a 12 step program and I will stop taking these pills when I am ready to. I still have horrible pain that warrents those pills. I was still on temp disability since the hyster in sept 2005. I have since returned back to work fulltime since June 3rd, 08...but am still a hurting unit. I have been diagnosed with chronic pelvic/abdominal pain due to adhesions from having so many surgeries. Now no one will touch me. I try to inquire about any specialists and I get treated like a druggie or a mentalcase. No I don't have blockage but I still have so much pain its worse than prior to the hyster.

I went to see another doc in my clinic where my file is and much to my surprise this colleague of my fam doc's renewed my last prescrip for pain meds, after reviewing my 3 inch thick file, same as the last prescrip my fam doc gave me back in april, at the same time she (the other doc) said that they treat people like me by sending them to psychiatrists and that the pain I experience has to do with my perception of the pain. I told her my pain is very real, what am I supposed to do? Learn to live with it she said. Nice eh. Altho she gave me 1 months worth of pain meds like I was taking back in april. My family doc really wants me off the pain meds and on antidepressants and I keep fighting her on it. Same with rehab.

Can anyone here relate? I am really getting tired of doctors treating me like a phych patient. I am loosing faith in the system here.

Any advice, or feedback would be very much welcomed and appreciated.

and btw Thanks for reading and for being here. This is a place where I feel I belong. My heart goes out to each and evry one of you. sincerely Christine Montreal, Qc

Hi Rachel...My name is Christine.....I am brand new here and this is my very

first post...I felt compelled to write you after reading this post....I have

had 5 major operations on my reproductive organs, the last one (total abdominal hysterectomy)being in September. I am 4 months post op from that and am still taking pain medication 4 to 6 times a day. I totally understand you and can't beleive you are still working.....I am unemployed and plan on staying that way until I get fixed.

ps I had a sceduled appointment to see a Gastro Interologist (my Gyno refferred me to him) but my appointment was cancelled afetr waiting a month because of bad weather here last week. I am so sorry that you are all

alone with this..I will pray for you Rachel ok..I only just found this website and am starting to beleive my doctors when they say that it's probably adhesions ..I also saw a urologist two weeks ago and am waiting for the results back from uirinanalysis and a pyelogram.. My heart goes out to you Rachel and will keep you in my thoughts & prayers Christine

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