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It is like the TENS unit but implanted inside like a pacemaker.  The wires lay below the skin down the spine.  You have a remote that you to turn it on and off.  You are also able to change the intesnsity.  When I did the trial, it worked well on some back pain I had.  It was really hard to get it work to work on the belly.  From what I understand it is being tested now for adhesions and is experimental.  I wanted to get good and bad news from people before I go further.   Alta

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what is a nerve stimulator?  nerve block?

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I live in a town west of Fort Worth Tx. Due to my husbands work we have moved from Seattle WA, Detroit MI, St. Louis MO and now here in the past 12 years. During those times I have had 5 surgeries to clear adhesions, ovaries and uterus. I also had a child via IVF. It was thought that after my hysterectomy I would be pain free but no. It has been recommended that I have a Nerve Stimulator but I am nervous it will not work. Does anyone have experience with this? I would really like to know. Also any doctors I can check out?

Thank you Alta

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