Will this never end?

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I wished Dr. Oz would tackle this issue as well.  Not too sure if we'll get a response from Oprah either.  I did write her a couple years back about people living with ostomies and never heard back.  Of all the talk shows out there, no one has ever had a show on ostomates.  I've had one for 30 years and I know I've done my share of educating the public, but I know there are millions of ostomates out there and most people know nothing about them.  I do realize they are doing less and less of them today, but none the less, we're still out here and it's like one big secret that no one talks about.   I have always wanted to write a book.  Maybe this is what I need to write about.  Although I've had more than a few medical crisis over the years (enchephalitis as a child, ulcerative colitis as a teenager, a diseased gall bladder at 22, then the adhesions started.  At 41 a total hysterectomy with so many adhesions, the gyno almost couldn't do the surgery) adhesions have been the constant.   I write alot professionally and writing a book has long been my dream retirement plan.  Maybe it's something I should seriously consider at this point in my life.  I know I would need to do a lot of research beyond my own experience.  It's something for me to think about.   Caryn  

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From: shoover2804@comcast.net (Sandi Hoover) I too would like to see more national coverage of this disease.  It is far more serious than what the medical community takes it for.  I have written to Oprah and Dr. Phil but have never heard any response.  I wish Dr. Oz would give it some attention.  There are some really good doctors who are not afraid of tackling these adhesions however it is very cost prohibitive for those people who don't have insurance or who do have insurance that won't support out of the network treatment.  I have suffered with adhesions for 21 years now. I have had one 3 and one half hour surgery to free them up some 10 years ago...they are back full force and now I try deep tissue massage as well as really watch my diet...I do best with taking lots of probiotics and soft foods...I always end up a mess when I go off the wagon to eat normally.

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