Nerve Stimulators/Ft. Worth TX Doctors

From: Alta (
Sat Aug 30 21:46:43 2008


I currently am going through pain management due to 12 yrs, 5 surgeries, 1 pregnancy (via IVF resulting in daughter) due to endo/adhesions. My last surgery was two years after a hysto and the dr will touch me again due to how bad it was. I am one that have been told that stunned two doctors now. My current pain dr. wants to put a nerve stimulator in to help with the pain. I am VERY nervous about this. Has anyone had this done? If so, is it working for you? My trail did not go well, I had very little relief because they could not dial it in to the right spot. Any input would be helpful.

Also, I live west of Fort Worth and am new to the area. I am in need of a doctor who understands adhesions.

Thank you all. I enjoy reading your experiences because many of you sound like you have gone through what I have.


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