Congenital Adhesions

From: Amy (
Fri Aug 1 21:13:30 2008

In 2002 I had a lapriscopy to determine the source of my abdominal & pelvic pain (and because I had ceased to have bowel movements and my urine was quickly disappearing as well). I couldn't eat because it literally felt like a chain was being pulled through my intestines.

I had not had ANY abdominal surgeries prior to that date. They found that my abdomen was covered with adhesions (Spider-web like) - adhered to the abdominal wall, my kidney and my bowel. My bowels and kidney were twisted (strangulated). The OB/GYN didn't even know what he was looking at and had to call a Urologist in to tell him what it was and what to do. They were cut. I was sent home after my day-surgery procedure and told to come for a follow up 10 days later. They told me nothing else except "The doctor believes he's fixed it."

10 days later, he gave me pictures of the adhesions & explained. (He didnt apologize for not believing me prior to the lapriscopy) and basically said "They'll probably grow back." I was promptly sent home.

Now.... 6 years later..... I believe they are back to haunt me again.

Is there anyone else here who is familiar with congenital adhesions? The doctors are all stunned and can't understand why I have them, and basically dismiss me.... I went to the ER last week only to discover that I also have a Fibroid on my uterus. They sent me home with pain meds and told me to see my doctor.

Eating is becoming difficult again... I'm reading up, trying to eat a "low residue" diet and see what happens, while I wait for my OB/GYN appt.

Any advice? Any knowledge to share on congential adhesions? I don't want to feel the way I did 6 years ago... but, I don't want to live in misery with half that pain - not bad enough for surgery and too much to be healthy.... I don't know where to start.

God Bless! Amy

North Carolina

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