small bowel adhesions ,lower back agony

From: joanne (
Fri Aug 1 21:13:41 2008

hi there my name is joanne,i want to chat with someone who has extensive adhesions like myself,ive had a hysterectomy due to severe endometriosis,now i have lots of small bowel adhesions due to my uterus being attatched to my bowel,i still have the dreaded endometriosis,i am in pain in my lower back all of the time,and have tummy ache 99% of the time,i also suffer with chronic I.B.S ,which means it never goes away,which also makes me in pain all the time,ive had a lot of surgeries over the years,a lobectomy when i was ten,about 11 laparoscopys,3 laparotomys,and a hysterectomy,so needless to say there are a lot of adehsions in my pelvic area,i spend most of the time on my bed,with hot water bottles,i feel depressed ,lonely and frustrated most of the time,my partner i have to say is very understanding,as sex is a no go,if it does happen i have to spend the following day bed ridden as it makes me in agony,someone in the same boat as me to talk too would be great,i am also very frightened,as i have read some horrible things that can happen when you have bowel adhesions, look forward to hearing from you ,regards joanne in the uk.x

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