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Fri Aug 1 21:00:41 2008

Dear Marla, I love floating in the pool too. Takes all that weight off me and my body,you just float aroung listening to the birds and the horses next door. gives your mind a break too. I have pain meds. but they need the pool to make them really work on bad days. Take care Debra

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> Subject: Tolerance to Meds
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> Subject: Tolerance to Meds
> Hi everybody -- I've not posted in a long time because
> I've been a gypsy
> since I lost my condo in 2203 and haven't always had
> internet access,
> couldn't always keep up or be sure I would be able to
> respond if someone
> posted a reply to something I said. I've actually made
> it the one year
> anniversary in my new digs and I like the people here and
> they like me.
> This might work. So I'll have another go at it.
> I have taken methadone for pain for seven years. I started
> 30mg day and
> now take 50mg. I have also taken Zonegran for 4 years; was
> told I would
> be fortunate if it was effective for two. Started 200mg
> day now take
> 400mg. We are adding Cymbalta this month hoping it will
> boost because
> the Zonegran is not as effective as it once was and the
> manufacturer can
> not reccomend increasing doseage due to liver, kidney
> damage. I do not
> want to increase methadone if I don't have too but if
> pain/relief ratio
> to hours/days becomes too much to handle I will. I have to
> be very
> conscientious of my digestive tract, BMs, urinary tract
> infections so I
> take a regimen of herbals, natural laxatives, Sustenex
> (Activa in pill
> form) to ensure a healthy system. I don't think
> that's an unreasonable
> increase over that period of time. Neither does my doctor.
> I have had adhesions and complications due to cysts on
> ovaries since I
> was 16. That's forty years. I have had no surgeries
> since my hyst/ooph
> in 1999 and the "second look" I allowed which did
> no good whatsoever. I
> have been hospitalized once in all that time for an
> obstruction. I now
> live with the pain of adhesions, Fibromyalgia and Reflex
> Sympathetic
> Dystrophy caused by not getting good pain relief following
> the surgery
> because I was told it was a bowel problem, I was being
> hysterical, I
> should go back and see my shrink, get back to work and suck
> it up. Pain
> is your bodies way of telling you something is drastically
> wrong.
> Relieve the pain until the problem is resolved or you get
> RSD. It is
> now not only in my belly making me in labor like pain every
> 3rd or 4th
> day since Apr 1999, it is in my hands, feet, face and knees
> and is
> trying to creep into the fleshy part of my back where in
> 2001 a
> diagnostic epidural was done and the student missed;
> another spot for
> the RSD to migrate. Such flesh as is left.
> Opiods do not cause a high when pain is present and are not
> dangerous to
> people who are in real pain and real pain cannot be faked I
> don't care
> how good an actor a person might think they are. Smash
> your hand in the
> car door and tell me you can fake that. Get kicked between
> the legs or
> go in labor and tell me that can be faked. That's what
> I live with day
> and day out and so do most of us here. After the false
> labor pains
> subside I'm left with the ache; remember the muscle
> ache? I take enough
> medication to take the edge off and yet be able to continue
> functioning
> on this planet ... most days. Each person has to work out
> for
> themselves what that level of tolerance is, what medication
> combination
> is right for them, what tools available (western and
> eastern regimens of
> healing) they are comfortable with. I have explored ...
> too many to
> list here today. From magnets to Reiki, acupuncture to
> TENS units. I
> can't say I've done it all but I've done a lot.
> Only limited by my
> pocketbook.
> I support everyone's right to do for themselves as
> little or as much as
> they desire to do. Offering my experience, the tools
> I've tried, my
> choices for me, are not an indication they would or should
> work for you.
> They are offerings. Each person can then choose to pick
> them up or
> leave them lay. Of course our bodies build up tolerance to
> pain meds.
> They build up tolerance to penicillin and you become
> allergic after
> using it effectively for years; to Echinacea and you have
> to take a
> break for a while and then can pick it up again and use it
> for colds,
> flu, UTIs. We have a complicated chemistry inside and
> every time we add
> something whether it's food or medicine or the air we
> breathe our brain
> has to figure it out and try to set up a compensatory
> package deciding
> whether to defend or accept what it's been given. What
> a miracle it
> doesn't break down more often.
> There's a lot that goes on here that I cannot relate to
> anymore and so
> I've stayed silent, watching and listening. Pain,
> medications and the
> body's response mechanism I've researched and
> thought about quite a bit
> these past nine years. One more thing, I cannot agree with
> the
> statement someone made that everyone should use what works
> best for
> them. If I agreed with that it would open the world of the
> original
> pain suppresants {whispering} alcohol and marijauna and I
> don't know
> about everyone else but my doctor made me sign a contract
> and those
> "drugs" are a breech of contract. So no
> can't necessarily use what
> works best even if you use it sensibly. Gotta use what you
> and your
> doctor agree upon. And stick to it. My personal favorite;
> floating in
> the pool--weightless, painfree, no worries, no phones, no
> internet. But
> then I'm so pruny I'm not sure my skin will stay
> on. It all has it's
> price. Didn't mean to write a book.
> Stay healthy y'all
> Body, mind, spirit,
> Marla Brownfield
> Rantoul, IL

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