kidney adhesions or what? HELP

From: rachel vorstenbosch (
Sat May 17 21:07:54 2008

In 2002 I had major kidney surgery. It did not work so one year later had same repeated. I had stints in between. I had constant pain and numbness on the lower right side since. I had been to several Doc. and they all said they could feel nothing. I could feel a knot that eventually got bigger. I was told not a hernia maybe adhesions. The pain has gotten worse and the bulge or whatever I can feel. I went to a Doc who finally did a lap. and he said I had no muscle to attach mesh to anyway. He said he did not see a hernia. Maybe it is adhesions. I had an ultra sound nothing.. I am at a loss of what to do. What kind of I see. The bulge comes and goes and lately it is taken a toll on me. Please, can someone send me in right direction? I had breast cancer two years ago and that consumed my time then. But is back with vengence.


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