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Check out Dr Gerhart in Wilksbarre Pa. ( Specializes in Adhesion surgery. I flew to him from Ut. I'm a lot better now. He's great!!

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> Subject: Doctor referral
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> Subject: Doctor referral
> Anyone in the Allentown, Stroudsburg Pennyslvania area familiar with an
> OB/GYN who is sympathetic to people with adhesions and prepared to do
> diagnostic laporoscopy.
> I have been going in circles with my current referral OB/Gyn doctor.
> >From her to a general surgeon, ER Physician and another partner of 1st
> general surgeon.
> Normally in good health except for nurmerous orthopedic injuries and
> subsequent surgeries and TAH followed 10 wk later by adhesionolysis and
> appendectoy in 1992.
> I was doing heavy yard work back in mid-March and then started with
> severe abdo cramping. Only later did pain in RLQ and groin develope.
> I've had 40 lb weigh loss in 10 wks because I am nauseated all the time.
> food tastes terrible. Pain gets worse when I do anything. Pain meds
> don't help. Not even Demerol.

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