From: Dalene (
Tue Apr 15 10:45:14 2008

Just wanted to let you all know that I will be going for my 14th abdominal surgery due to adhesions in the colon which was discovered by my gastrointerologist who found them during my colonoscopy.Unfortunately I have to be cleared by my cardiologist first. I had an EKG recently last week and was discovered that the test results were not good so I have to have a chemical stress test and an electrocardiogram also before I have the surgery. I am nervous. I would hate to end up with a heart attack during the test which is my greatest fear right now. I am only 46 and don't want to die at such a young age yet. I know that the Lord is on my side and will be with me through this. Please if you could all say a prayer for me. I would really appreciate it. God Bless and Take Care To all my friends at site.

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