Multiple surgeries due to adhesions - NEED DR. RECOMMENDATION

From: Barbie (
Tue Apr 15 10:44:56 2008


My colon perforated due to diverticulitis in 2001. Since then I've had multiple small bowel obstruction surgeries due to adhesions. I am only now learning the severity of my problem, as I thought after each surgery that the problem would be solved. In a recent surgery my Dr. placed the Seprafilm on my bowels which is suppose to prevent add'l adhesions from forming. Can anyone chime in re: success rate?

Also, I'd love to see an Adhesion Specialist. I live in South Florida (Miami), but I'd be willing to travel anywhere in Florida if the need be. I would like to discuss my case with someone who is extremely knowledgeable with adhesions.

Please advise. This forum is heaven for those of us suffering from something that no one seems to understand - no matter how many times we explain it to them.

Thank you and God bless everyone!


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