Re: Questions about neuontin and Dr. Redan

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Mon Apr 7 20:00:33 2008

Hi Jenny,

I was on Neurontin 900mg three times a day (total 2700mg) which is (I think)

the highest dose you are allowed to take. My pain mgmt Dr.s wanted to give it the best shot and I follow whatever protocol they set for me. I have been fighting adhesions for over 20 years and have had more than 14 surgeries on my abdomen/pelvic area. The last 4 years I have been involved in pain management I have tried several dozen different medicines narcotics and non-narcotics. Nothing ha ever worked very long and it took many months

to build up to and fully try Neurontin. Your Dr. should have told you that the medicine does not begin to work until about 3 or 4 weeks in.

I happily did not have any side effects other than tiredness - however, I was not helped by it at all. The medicine has worked very well for many people though - and you may not yet be up to the full strength that will work for you.

If you aren't too uncomfortable with the side effects you may find that a higher dose provides some releaf.

Good luck to you! DT

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>>> Sender: (Jenny)
>>> Subject: Questions about neuontin and Dr. Redan
>>> Hi!
>>> I was just wondering if anyone is or has been on neuontin and what they
>>> think of it? I was just put on this med with hopes it will help with the
>>> pain, I started about 8 days ago on 300mg and now on 600mg. The side
>>> effects I have had are terrible, nausea - dizzyness, and it hasn't even
>>> helped with the pain.
>>> I have been off work for about 1 1/2 weeks - because of the pain and
>>> nausea. I feel like I am at the end of my rope.....
>>> I have also been thinking about seeing Dr. Redan. I have noticed a few
>>> people have posted about having surgery with him. I was wondering how
>>> long people have had relief after surgey with him???
>>> Thanks for listening and your responses!!!
>>> Jenny
> Dear Jenny,
> Dr. Redan is the best! I had gone two years without any surgeries or
> pain. He has helped so many women! Don't hesitate to see him. One
> thing though,if you smoke, he will not help you! He is very serious
> about this!
> Your body doesn't heal well when you smoke.
> Jackie in Orlando

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