Help with chronic bowel problems

From: Jill (
Mon Apr 7 20:01:33 2008

Hello Everyone! Wanted to let everyone know I started seeing a GI specialist at UCLA in westwood. I have been put on colace 250mg BID (not pericolace) and a drug called Cyotec 200mcg 2 tabs twice day. I haven't had a problem with the chronic constipation since. I can still use Miralax if needed and guess what so far it hasn't been needed. The GI specialist explained it has a stimulant in it. It can only been used if by women that have had their cervix removed to do the side effect of uterine bleeding. Most of us have had a complete hysterectomy, so this side effect is not an issue. Please ask your doctors about it. I am more comfortable without the constipation. Not pain free by any means, but more comfortable. It is defintely worth a shot! Someone also emailed me with some questions reguarding my experience and I apologize I accidently deleted it after I responded. Please email me again and I will give you any information about my history that I can. I hope this helps someone! Hang tough everyone! You're all in my prayers.

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