Re: I just don't want to live like this anymore.

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>Subject: I just don't want to live like this anymore.
>I have been dealing with adhesions since 2002 when I had my Endometriosis
>removed through laparoscopic surgery. I have since had a full hysterectomy
>and four more Laparoscopys to deal with the adhesion problems. I am
>currently able to deal with the pain because of a careful balance of
>medicines including gapabentin and morphine sulfate. Now to the problems.

>I have extremely painful bowel movements/BMs (sorry for the bluntness but
>how else can one describe it) I am grateful that I even have bowel
movements >as this means that I am not completely obstructed. I suspect that I am
>partially obstructed because of the pain I experience in two distinct
>places on my intestines when I am experiencing increased bowel motility. I
>take a stool softener and metamucil every day but it does not prevent the
>painful evacuations. I take miralax when I have gone more than two days
>without a BM. I used to eat a lot of meat but these days I mostly eat
cereal >and easily digested food because I get so nauseated if I eat much else.
Does >anyone have any suggestions as to what I might do to stop the BMs from
being >so painful? I am at the point where I live in dread of having a BM.

I just found this website, it's amazing to me how many women are dealing
this exact problem. Your story really got to my heart. I have had several
surgeries since I was 16 for endo, I had horrible times getting pregnant I
adhesions blocking my tubes. I've always had pain but I learned to deal with
because I wanted children. Finally against my heart I had a hysterectomy,
I figured this was the magical cure, WRONG!!!! I had the hysto in 2003,
then I've had 2 surgeries for adhesions they were wrapped around my bowels,
and into my
abdominal wall. The last surgery was in Jan 2006, beginning in 2007 I
started to have
slight now it's unbearable, I havn't hardly worked in 6m now I don't even
my house. I get up take my pain pills(to mask the pain)run my son to school,
back home and lay on a heating pad all day to the point my stomach has
 I have terrible bowel problems, diarhea thats so painful, night sweats,
everytime I eat. But insurance is the problem for me too. I recently was
at the age of 30 so I finally receive state ins after a fight. But it's no
I have to stay within the state, and no Dr.'s want to believe you and they
don't want to accept my insurance because the state doesn't like to pay
there bills.
So almost every Dr. spends 10m with me and tells me it's nothing. The only
that keeps me going is my son and his smile. When the bill collectors call I
tell them to find me a Dr. that cares enough to get me back to work.

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