Adhesion Specialist in Washington or West Coast

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Yes!! Dr Cook is the Best!!

I have had 2 surgeries with him! He is amazing and He believes us!! So many Dr's have said there is nothing they can do and that adhesions do not cause pain! YA right!!

Dr Cook will Listen !! Cathy

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Hi Lena,

Your post caught my eye because I, too, live on the West Coast. You will likely receive lots of recommendations to different doctors. I wanted to share the information on my doc who I feel is one of the best in the country when it comes to treating adhesions, endometriosis and anything/everything to do with female pelvic pain.

Dr. Andrew Cook is in Northern California. His office is conveniently located minutes from the San Jose Airport so traveling to him is an cinch. Dr. Cook has a great website,

Dr. Cook has helped countless women, myself included, to recover from the debilitating pain that often goes along with endometriosis and adhesions.

If you're interested in discussing your case with Dr. Cook he will do a complimentary records review and subsequent telephone consultation. Dr. Cook does not contract with insurance so he would be out of network; hopefully that's not an issue for you. He is worth the time and expense in my opinion. Dr. Cook is knowledgeable and highly compassionate. He has an excellent bedside manner and a wonderful sense of humor.

If I can answer any questions for you please don't hesitate to contact me.

Regards, Debbie

At Mon, 24 Mar 2008, Lena wrote: >
>I have a pelvic adhesion/scar tissue dx. I am looking for an adhesion
>specialist/surgeon in Washington state or the West Coast. I have had
>two laparotomies, a C-section, and a laparoscopy. The first lap (Aug
>'03) with a dx of Stage III-IV endometriosis which was excised/lasered.
>At the C-section (Oct '04) no endometriosis was found (I got pregnant
>the first month after a six month course of Lupton following the lap).
>The second lap (Aug '05) with a dx of adhesions concentrated on right
>pelvic wall, uterus, ovary and tube. The laparoscopy most recently (Dec
>'07)with a dx of adhesions and scar tissue throughout the pelvic cavity
>involving my reproductive organs, bladder, bowel and pelvic wall.

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