Re: I just don't want to live like this anymore.

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Fri Mar 28 20:23:16 2008

Jeanette my name is Rachel, Iam 20 years old and from the UK and I also have bowel and pelvic adhesions and I am on a low fibre diet as this stops the bowel working to hard. I was put on it after bowel obstructions and I havent since then (fingers crossed) had any obstructions I have only been admitted to hospital since then for adhesion pain. I also am on morphine and buscapan (stops the bowel from going in to spasm) I dont get alot of relief from the morphine but the buscapan is excellent especially when having BM as I also have terrible pain when I go. I dont know if you can get it in the US but ask you dr (physician) if they can prescribe a bowel anti-spasmic and you will take them either 2 or 4 times a day (depends on the severity). I unlike you have only had 2 surgerys 1- a illeostomy reversal as a baby (less than a year old) 2- had my appendix out 3 years ago, I have been told my surgeon that its to high risk to operate as my whole abdo is covered in adhesions and theres a chance it could either leave me with a colostomy or it could kill me. I have been told mine is uncurable and theres nothing can be done. I was a young healthy person up until 2 years ago and now Iam classed as disabled as Im so ill so I know how your feeling,your not a burden,you are ill. Its not like you wanted this to happen and your friends and family understand that this is NOT your fault. Are you on anti-depressants? If not please see your doctor as you are depressed and this not easy to deal with. Im not a doctor but I recognise what your feeling as I feel it myself. I hope this helps and if you need to talk please email me at Please let me know how it goes. Take care Rach xxx

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>Subject: I just don't want to live like this anymore.
>I have been dealing with adhesions since 2002 when I had my Endometriosis
>removed through laparoscopic surgery. I have since had a full hysterectomy
>and four more Laparoscopys to deal with the adhesion problems. I am
>currently able to deal with the pain because of a careful balance of
>medicines including gapabentin and morphine sulfate. Now to the problems.

>I have extremely painful bowel movements/BMs (sorry for the bluntness but
>how else can one describe it) I am grateful that I even have bowel
movements >as this means that I am not completely obstructed. I suspect that I am
>partially obstructed because of the pain I experience in two distinct
>places on my intestines when I am experiencing increased bowel motility. I
>take a stool softener and metamucil every day but it does not prevent the
>painful evacuations. I take miralax when I have gone more than two days
>without a BM. I used to eat a lot of meat but these days I mostly eat
cereal >and easily digested food because I get so nauseated if I eat much else.
Does >anyone have any suggestions as to what I might do to stop the BMs from
being >so painful? I am at the point where I live in dread of having a BM.

>I wake up in the morning nauseated. I take generic Reglan twice a day to
>fight the nausea. After the nausea subsides a little I eat a bowl of cereal
>sometimes fortified with some nuts. There is a small window of opportunity
>between 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM where I can eat normally without getting sick
>to my stomach. I usually can't eat anything after 4:00 PM or I get very
>nauseous which means that I can't eat dinner with my family. Even if I
don't >eat anything after 4:00 PM I still become from mildly to extremely nauseous
>in the evenings. I discovered that I absolutely can not eat or drink
certain >things anymore. I have never been a big drinker but if I even drink a
little >bit of alcohol I really suffer for it with acute nausea. (I obviously don't
>drink alcohol anymore and it really is no loss) I also have been
>experiencing headaches that coincide with the nausea. Has anyone else
>experienced a situation like this?  

>I suspect that I might have fibromialgia as I ache all over most of the
time >and my legs get weak. They have almost given out from under me a couple of
>times. I need to go see my doctor but I currently don't have medical
>insurance so we can't afford it. I am supposed to be going to a pain
>therapist but I haven't been going for the same reason. I have applied for
>MassHealth but have been denied because they said I didn't submit the
>information they requested but I did send it in to them! I need to call
them >and straighten it all out but I have been so depressed about everything
that >I haven't done it yet.

>I have obtained an adhesion lawyer who has submitted my disability case to
>SS. Fortunately, they only receive payment if I win and then the money will
>come out of the back disability I would receive. I hate the thought of
being >on disability. I feel so worthless...a burden to not only my country but to
>my family. I just don't know how much longer I can keep doing this. Some
>days I just want to curl up in a ball, go to sleep and just not wake up.

>I just can't do this anymore.

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