Need help in Cleveland, Ohio

From: Laura (
Fri Mar 28 20:23:26 2008

I have been suffering from pelvic pain since having a traumatic delivery of my daughter in Mar. 2007. She was delivered via C-Section but I felt the procedure and they weren't exactly gentle during the delivery. Her head was wedged in my pelvis. I had recurring pelvic pain after that and I painful intercourse. I get menstrual cramping down my legs and throughout the pelvic region. I had a lap done in Oct. 07 with adhesions removed from my bowel and uterus. I also had a D&C at the same time. I have had numerous tests done since that time and I've been to numerous specialists to try to figure out why the pain is back and now worse than before I had the lap and D&C. The Dr.'s have ruled out any gynecologic disorders and one Dr. has suggested another lap to figure out if adhesions are back and to take another look at my insides to see if the previous Dr. missed anything. I'm now wondering if the adhesions have returned and if they could be worse than before. I've tried acupuncture and am even thinking of trying deep tissue massage to try to heal this without surgery. So far, I'm not having much luck. Acupunture is very pricey and can take time to heal this type of pain.

I don't know where to turn and was hoping to find some helpful information. I would rather not live with this recurrent pain any longer. I'm also not sure if another surgery is the answer. I would rather not have another surgery unless I knew for certain that the surgeon was an expert in the removal and prevention of adhesions.

Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

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