Advancements in Laproscopic Adhesion Surgery?

From: Aubrey (
Mon Mar 24 18:47:24 2008

I looked at the site and sometimes it is a little confusing. But anyway, I am somebody that had a couple of adhesion surgeries where they cut out some adhesions after a botched laparcopic inguinal hernia surgery where the mesh had been contracted. I found an excellent surgeon who has been working with me in the Seattle area. He used a Serpafilm slurry mixed to place over the intestines once the adhehesions had been cut out. This worked tremendously but I can sense they are coming back a little. But overall I am about 90% better since last October. I came across a website called some time ago. It says their Spraygel is not yet approved in the US. It was back last year when I tried calling their number (781) 693-2300 and the person answered did not know anything about SprayGel. Can somebody provide some updates about what is going on in the area of laparscopic adhesion surgery? I thought they had a mesh like material that they can place laparcopically but apparently not!

thank you

ADMIN Note: The Seprafilm slurry has not been proven. Covidien is now the owner of SprayGEL.

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