Adhesion Specialist in Washington or West Coast

From: Lena (
Mon Mar 24 18:43:55 2008

I have a pelvic adhesion/scar tissue dx. I am looking for an adhesion specialist/surgeon in Washington state or the West Coast. I have had two laparotomies, a C-section, and a laparoscopy. The first lap (Aug '03) with a dx of Stage III-IV endometriosis which was excised/lasered. At the C-section (Oct '04) no endometriosis was found (I got pregnant the first month after a six month course of Lupton following the lap). The second lap (Aug '05) with a dx of adhesions concentrated on right pelvic wall, uterus, ovary and tube. The laparoscopy most recently (Dec '07)with a dx of adhesions and scar tissue throughout the pelvic cavity involving my reproductive organs, bladder, bowel and pelvic wall.

My current OB/GYN (who I love and has, I believe, done an excellent job in treatment) is now referring me to a pain management specialist, but I want to find someone who may be able to treat the adhesions to manage the pain as opposed to drug management.

Do you have any suggestions for specialists or surgeons in Washington or anywhere on the West Coast. I would be willing to travel fa rther if the best of the best are back East.

Thank you, Lena

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