Re: lesions attached my uterus to the abdominal wall

From: Charlene (
Mon Mar 24 18:43:38 2008

Hi I'm 36 and recently had a lsh (Hysterectomy) because of pain and heavy bleeding periods was awful couldnt and didnt want to go anywhere durning that time! it in part was cause by my uterus (bladder too) had attached them its self to my abdominal wall. I have had 3 c-section and a tubal. last csection and the tubal was 8 years ago.I know this reply comes late but for anyone else who reads this if you are having pain and problems because of this take care of it dont be stupid like i was and wait 8 years then have it fixed I am 2 weeks post op of my hysterectomy and even though I am sore I feel wonderful like I am a new person. Charlene

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