Abdominal adhesion problems

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GL Lynn finding a surgeon in Phoenix to treat adhesions I've been to at 5 that won't touch me ... I know i have alot of the same troubles as you too. You might contact DR. Rollins out of maryvale and see if he can help you ..   Kelly

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Dear Margie:

I have similar symptoms as you -- chronic constipation, ankles swelling, difficulty in stooping over). I have diverticulosis, with a history of ruptured colon, peritonitis and septic shock (my treating physician had diagnosed my abdominal pain as IBS and depression - a typical male physician dx).

I find that by taking 2 capsules of flax seed oil daily I can prevent severe constipation. When I need additional help I rely on Miralax.

Hope this helps--


> Subject: Re: Abdominal adhesion problems
> At Tue, 15 Feb 2005, lynn wrote:
> >
> >I've had abdominal adhesions for almost eight years.
> >These resulted from a hysterectomy in 6/96 and from
> >an incisional hernia repair, which resulted from the
> >hysterectomy, done in 3/97. I have had irregular
> >colon function since right after the hernia repair,
> >resulting in worsening constipation over time. I'm
> >chronically impacted every day and always feel very
> >uncomfortable. This has caused bad circulation in
> >both my legs, resulting in reddish brown hard dry
> >flaky skin around the bottom portions of both legs.
> >
> >My inner and outer ankles on my left foot are swollen
> >almost all day, every day, and sometimes both my
> >ankles on my right foot swell also. My left leg seems
> >somewhat swollen towards the bottom of my left leg.
> >
> >My body is always toxic and it's very uncomfortable
> >to bend over when trimming my toenails, walking, and
> >doing household chores, etc. Does anyone else with
> >abdominal adhesions have these problems? What do you
> >do to keep yourself regular? Also, I have a lot of
> >very bad bloating all the time. Does anyone know of
> >a really competent surgeon who is skilled at removing
> >adbominal adhesions through laparoscopy? Do you know
> >of any surgeons who can do this type of surgery here
> >in Phoenix, Arizona or anywhere in the country?
> >
> >Thanks,
> >Lynn
> My name is margi & I have had adhesions for many years. After many
> surgeris & trips to doctors. They make you feel like it is in your
> head. I finally found support & a doctor who is willing to do the
> surgery, But I am trying to raise money for the expenses because i hvae
> to travel 4 hours to get there. I have had multiple surgeries and still
> in servere pain. I know someone who is doing everything she can to get
> people like us the help we need. her name is agusta, her website is
> ahesionsfoundation.org she will try to help you in everyway possible. My
> email is margi707@yahoo.com hope to keep in touch with you.
> --
> margi

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