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From: Lis:- (
Tue Mar 18 18:17:31 2008

At Tue, 11 Mar 2008, dawn wrote: >
>I am glad that you are working on getting to see Dr. Redan. I just
>came home from my visit to see him. He was very Nice and easy to
>communicate with. He was very understanding and extremely knowledgeable
>with all areas of our conditions. Christine with CAPPS was very helpful
>and she was there for my appointment . I too have been dealing with
>adhesions for years and many surgeries. I had a wonderful Dr in Atlanta
>who was a wonderful help but he was limited to the female pelvic area
>only.I was able to go 51/2 years with out an intestinal blockage or
>major pain due to the use of interceed barrier. When the intestines
>became so involved then I knew it was time for better. I feel that Dr.
>Redan is it. He has the ability to use the barriers and take special
>precautions to slow the production of adhesions and know all the
>different thing that adhesions can cause and is willing to help. What
>we all need to realize is that, no matter how good the surgeon,
>adhesions will find its way to cause havoc on our lives they are
>inevitable but, he can help make the times in between longer and better.
>We also have to find ways to accept it and make our lives cope with it,
>pain meds are not the only answer they can also cause more problems with
>adhesions.Everyones conditions are different and different things work
>in different ways. He was well worth the trip and His staff and CAPPS
>will be there to help.
>One word of advise when you make plans to go to Celebration, make sure
>you give yourself extra time due to unforeseen problems etc.. Dr
>cancellations or delays, or additional testing,they are Drs. and they
>do have emergencies My appt was for Mon Am and was canceled, I had appts
>there with other Drs. too so they had me fill out paperwork then see
>him later if he made it back, and they would work me in ASAP I seen Dr.
>Redan the next am and he made plenty of time for me.
>For those out there who dont think it is worth the trip to celebration,
>because they have not had good experiences with surgery I hope that you
>would reconsider or at least get a referral to someone elsewhere in the
>USA he would know them because they get together for conferences, He new
>the Dr in Atlanta and his Brothers in California and NY.Lis your
>sentiments were right on the money Good Luck with your trip
>At Mon, 25 Feb 2008, Lis:- wrote:
>>I want to thank those of you who have seen Dr. Redan at the
>>Celebrations Hospital in Florida and encouraged the rest of us to
>>consider a consultation. Because this seven week long episode has left
>>me distended like I'm seven months pregnant and wheezing from the
>>constant pressure on my lungs,I decided to take my health back into my
>>own hands. I canceled the next two tests the GI doctor ordered, filled
>>out the initial online paperwork and submitted it. I heard from
>>Dr.Redan within 48 hours and I'm waiting on my consult date and probable
>>surgery date. While none of us relish "another surgery" we understand
>>that sometimes it's inevitable. Knowing that this man has a level of
>>expertise that most general surgeons do not, gives me great hope in my
>>outcome this time. As I stated in my earlier post, I'm honestly not
>>looking for a magical surgery and Dr. Redan doesn't claim to perform
>>such a feat. But, what I appreciate is the fact that he acknowledges
>>the debilitating effects of adhesions and unlike so many other
>>surgeons,is willing to offer relief (even if it isn't forever) to those
>>of us who are suffering. I for one, do NOT want to take pain medication
>>for the rest of my life. Because I also have celiac disease, they only
>>complicate my constipation issues. If I can get two-three years without
>>pain and no need for pain meds,I'm going for it!
>>I'll keep you posted on my progress!

Thank you so much for the encouragement and advice! I too have found the
entire CAPPS staff to be the most professional medical group I've ever dealt
with and I've definitely dealt with my share from South Carolina to New
Zealand!  Although I dread another surgery, I'm so ready to have it done. As
a 46 year old worship leader with adult kids, I don't relish the thought of
wearing a MATERNITY dress for Easter Sunday. I'm 5 feet tall and weigh
around 110 so my grossly swollen tummy can't be hidden. After three months
this time, my abdomen has affectionately been named ghost child by my choir
and church members! Just out of curiosity, did you have surgery already or
have one scheduled?  I've got to be there a couple of days in between the
visit and surgery to do a two day bowel prep as there's possibility he'll
perform a bowel re-section.  Just out of curiosity, did those of you who've
had surgery with Dr. Redan have a cystoscopy done during the surgery?  This
will be the first time I've had one performed during my surgery. I will
continue to keep you posted!  Lis:)

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