From: Ash (
Mon Feb 25 17:12:08 2008

I was hoping some of you could share what meds you are taking and have taken and your experiences with them. Whether they helped your pain or not? and if you had any bothersome side effects? Right now my Dr has me own 10mg Oxycontin twice a day and then Lortab 10mg for breakthrough. I have been taking this combination for about two months now and have been able to control my pain better in the last two months than I have in 4 years. My Dr though gives me hard time everytime it is time for refill. I never refill early,use the same pharmacy...everything I am suppose to do. But,he told me last week that he does not know anybody who takes Pain Meds like these for adhesions. And I said how many adhesion patients do you have? to which he replied only you. I was not trying to be smart but after a while you just get worn out with fighting abotu how much pain you are in. It is like because they don't know much about adhesions then we don't have the pain? Anybody else ever feel like that?? Thanks in advance for any advice!!


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