Re: underactive thyroid

From: J.J. (
Mon Feb 18 18:37:04 2008

Hi Tonya,

Not only do I have a history of thyroid issues (cancer, to be exact), I've got a whole slew of disorders in my endocrine system (including endometrosis like yourself).

I'm not a medical doctor, but I have a slight theory about adhesions and hypothyroidism. Because of the dynamics of adhesion formation, I find it difficult to theorize that TSH/T3/T4 levels being out of wack would actually cause adhesions. However, I can definitely see how it would impact adhesions: being hypothyroid equates to your body's metabolism slowing down. The body's functions, even the speed at which food is processed through the gastrointestinal system, are affected. As we all know, constipation/slow bowels are bad news for abdominal and pelvic adhesions, so having an underactive thyroid can exacerbate ARD.

I've experienced this first-hand. My entire thyroid was removed due to cancer, and I have to go off of my hormone replacement meds every few months for testing to confirm that I'm still in remission. The symptoms of ARD become more pronounced during the time when my TSH skyrockets from a clinically suppressed 0.1 to over 100.

At Tue, 12 Feb 2008, Tonya wrote: >
>I was wondering if anyone knows of a connection between adhesions and an
>underactive thyroid. I have had 6 surgeries for endometriosis and have
>adhesions, I know that the endo itself can cause them. Last year I
>broke my ankle and it had to be repaired surgically. Well, I got
>adhesions in my foot and had to go back in and have more surgery. So,
>now I think there is another reason for the adhesions. Hypothyroidism
>is the only thing I can think of. Thanks

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