Susceptibility to form adhesions

From: catwoman (
Mon Feb 18 18:33:38 2008

Hello, I am just wondering if someone can answer a question I suffer from Endometriosis - a lap was done last Nov to confirm this. Since this Op I've gone back to the same symptoms and I am waiting to see a new Gyno as I think maybe not all of the Endo was removed and or maybe adhesions have now formed? - none were apparently found at the time of the Lap. I also have a knee problem - had a scope done in Jan this year (no injury found but I have swelling and lack of mobility before the scope) and now I have worse lack of mobility (on flex and extension). I have since found out that you can also get adhesions of the knee (arthrofibriosis). I just wondered if the 2 things could be linked?. Am I more susceptible to forming adhesions due to the Endo - which I know for sure I have, if this is the case could it be possible that I have formed them in the knee. I know people get adhesions but some people over form adhesions and that's when problems occur?.

Any advice would be great as I am just starting to wonder if my 2 'unconnected' problems could in fact be linked by me being more prone to forming adhesions?. Thanks

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