Intestinal adhesions...

From: Deanna (
Mon Feb 18 18:32:58 2008

Hello, I don't even know where to begin? I need answers and can't seem to find a doctor who will listen or even care. I had a hysterectomy(leaving my left ovary)in 2000. I kept going to my doctor all the time after the proceedure with intense pain on the right side of my pelvic. I basically heard that it was in my head. During this time I was having problems with my bowels. It was alway diarreha. I talked to a specialist in INDY...for ten minutes(no test, no nothing)he said I had IB and sent me home. I ended up with another family doctor and shortly after I started with him I came home from work on day and my nightmare began. I had a bowel obstruction(caused from the left ovary they left in me and adhesions). The worst and most painful experience I have ever had. I have had many surgeries before and after the bowel obstruction. You know when the doctors or nurses mentioned adhesions they made it sound like it was no big deal. March 18, 2003 was the beginning of the end of my life as I knew it. I was 35 years old then, full of life and energy. I can't work anymore because I am in so much pain all the time and my bowels sometimes don't move for 14 days no matter what I take, drink or eat. MOre than one year ago a nurse at the hospital told me I should do soap suds enamas at home to save me the embarrassment. So I started that and I didn't have to wait 14 days to move my bowels anymore. Now the soap suds enamas don't seem to want to work because it just wants to spray back out. I am terrified and the doctors are just waiting to save my life. I have seen many surgeons and they all say the same thing "I won't touch you till it is time to save your life". Now I have another hernia no one will touch. I am in pain, sickly, and scared to death and wish they would realize that I need my life saved now.

I have now been diagnosed with PTSD and MD. I just want to live and not have to think about my bowel movements and wonder if this will be the day they have to try to save my life and if it is will they have waited to long. I am tired of being told by someone else how I am feeling. Yes I am afraid of these things but I can also feel how sick my bowels are and how sick I am. Will they be too late? It can't be healthy for fecal matter to sit in your bowels for day after day.....with all that poison. Why won't anyone help me? What can I do? To top everything else off they denied my disability. Now I have went through menepause and now have several other dabilitating things happening to me.

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